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The We Caribbeans App is the online resource where current residents and residents in the Caribbean Diaspora can gather online to network, collaborate and make new connections. The Caribbean Diaspora is a sizeable, well-educated, and affluent demographic whose large majority is interested in investing in its countries of origin. Due to the common heritage and strong connections across the region, a regional approach is typically taken in regard to the Caribbean. According to the 2017 U. S. Census, the Caribbean Diaspora is comprised of almost 8 million individuals who were either born in a Caribbean island nation or reported ancestry of a given country in the Caribbean. The total population is over 44 million. This App was designed to create a common platform for the Caribbean Diaspora to communicate, collaborate and share ideas among each other. Feel free to join and Rep your island. In addition to island pride, you will enjoy features such as a Job Board, an Online Marketplace, a Mentorship program and more. There will be active discussions on upcoming events, carnivals, job opportunities, travel ideas, investing, health and fitness, sports talk, finances and more. Make sure that you check in daily, as I am sure you will not want to miss out on these hot topics.

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